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Tresness chambered cairn looking south into the Sanday Sound. Two pairs of opposing upright stones or orthostats can be seen within the chamber. These are a typical feature within an early Neolithic stalled cairn. Photo Mike Lawlor
UClan students Dom and Emma enjoying The Stones of Stenness. Photo Mike Lawlor
The UCLan contingent discussing the Neolithic settlement site at Barnhouse, Orkney. Photo Mike Lawlor
Katie,Emma, Aiden and `sarah enjoying the wonderful views from The Sanday ferry. Photo Mike Lawlor
Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark briefing the excavation team accompanied by the refreshing Orcadian rain. Photo Mike Lawlor
And so the digging begins. Team commencing the excavation (Left to Right) Jill, Aiden, Emma, Professor Vicki Cummings, Katie, Letisha and Lewis. photo Mike Lawlor
Hugo and Sam excavating the polished stone ball. photo Mike Lawlor
A Neolithic polished stone ball – and a stunning example at that. This is one of only a few ever to be recovered in a burial archaeological context. Found by Vicki Cummings.
Tresness 21 students inspecting a Neolithic house emerging from the cliff side.
Top – The Bronze Age Cairn (round) Bottom The early Neolithic cairn (rectangular).

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