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A view on the architecture from the Dig Director – Professor Vicki Cummings

The architecture at Tresness: some preliminary thoughts on the 2021 season Our previous work at Tresness, especially in 2019, had indicated that we were dealing with a very well-preserved stalled cairn, albeit one that had been significantly altered in parts in the early Bronze Age. In 2019 we revealed a stalled cairn divided into atContinue reading “A view on the architecture from the Dig Director – Professor Vicki Cummings”


Tresness 21 Update week 2-3

Tresness Week 2-3 The Orcadian weather has been kind to us this year and as a consequence great progress has been made. I think it’s fair to say The dig Director Professor Vicki Cummings UCLan Research Centre for Field Archaeology and Forensic Taphonomy is pleased with the progress and the work the UCLan students haveContinue reading “Tresness 21 Update week 2-3”

Week one 3D photogrammetry model

Week one Photogrammetry model. Just a quick post to show you the 3D photogrammetry model produced following week one of the excavations. A model of this type is produced by taking in the region of 400 digital photographs that are amalgamated and form the model at the link below… You will also be able toContinue reading “Week one 3D photogrammetry model”

Week one at Tresness 21

The first week has already brought with it some exciting moments at Tresness. The weather has been kind and the students have been happy and together this has made for a great combination to progress this excavation. The team started with uncovering the monument from its protective state since the last excavation in 2019. And itContinue reading “Week one at Tresness 21”