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And so it all begins!

The Tresness 21 Team arrived safely on Orkney on Saturday morning and as we had time to spare before the Sanday Ferry we managed to drive through the Heart of Neolithic Orkney landscape and pay a visit the amazing Neolithic sites of Barnhouse, Stones of Stennes and The Ring of Brodgar.

Dom and Emma enjoying The stones of Stenness

Katie, Emma, Aiden and Sarah enjoying the views from the Sanday ferry. Photo Mike Lawlor

We finally arrived at Sanday and the team settled into the accommodation that will be home for four weeks – Ayres Rock Campsite on Sanday which I have to say having stayed there a number of times is highly recommended if anyone ventures out to the beautiful island.

Sunday morning brought with it the excitement for the new excavators to see the location of the monument in all its glory. They were not disappointed. The protective coverings that were put in place in 2019 held up perfectly and in the company of heavy yet refreshing Orkney rain the monument was reopened in half a day.

The team worked extremely hard in the worst of the Orcadian summer weather in contrast Monday brought the other end of the local weather spectrum and the team set about work under the Orkney sun. The monument is now ready for the new work to begin as we extend the trench to encompass the cairn surrounding the tomb and also the entrance passage. we will be posting regular updates for you all to keep up to date with this exciting project.

All hard at work – (left to right) Gill, Aiden, Emma, Professor Vicki Cummings, Katie, Letisha and Lewis. Photo Mike Lawlor

2 thoughts on “And so it all begins!

  1. I was on the ferry going home last Saturday…..all the best for your dig. I’ve been volunteering at the Ness for many years, not this year, just went for a visit. I’m missing Orkney already….


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