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Tresness Chambered Tomb Excavation 2021

Dig Diary and Blog

About the Tresness Excavations

Tresness chambered tomb is located on the southern tip of the Tresness peninsula, Sanday, Orkney. It is a site which has not seen significant previous excavation. It is an interesting archaeological landscape that has also seen the identification of a Neolithic settlement contemporary with the monument close by at Cata Sand. Work at Tresness has been carried out during the 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons and will be continuing during the summer of 2021. This year we will be presenting a Dig Diary to allow you to keep up to date on developments which we believe will be many this year.

Tresness was selected as a site for investigation for a number of reasons. First, it is the remains of a well-preserved stalled cairn. The precise nature of the architecture at the site, however, was unclear at the start of the excavation. It clearly has a stalled cairn component, but it survives as a round mound representing a possible later addition. Second, the site is being actively eroded by the sea and the collapse of the cliff on which it stands. It is desirable to explore specific research questions at a site which also under threat, instead of targeting a site which is not threatened.

The Project is a joint venture between University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and National Museums of Scotland (NMS) with the work being lead by excavations Directors Professor Vicki Cummings (UCLan), Dr Hugo Anderson-Wymark (NMS) and Dr Sam Walsh, Researcher University of Reading who will provide Osteoarchaeology advice and expertise. The 2021 season will also see a team of Undergraduate and Post Graduate students from UCLan.

Click HERE to see the images of monument, landscape and archaeological team.

Click HERE to see the Scottish Historic records (CANMORE) of Tresness Chambered Tomb

Click HERE for the detailed archaeology report of the 2017 excavations at Tresness

Click HERE for the detailed archaeology report of the 2018 excavations at Tresness

Click HERE for the detailed archaeology report of the 2019 excavations at Tresness

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